Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sak Yant Tattoo..tiny and temporary

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Rub on Thai Protective Tattoos that Astor brought back from Nam Tok.

Tattoo temporal que trajo Astor de Nam Tok.

Its not uncommon for travelers In Thailand and other areas of South East Asia to be interested in getting the sacred Sak Yant or Khmer Tattoos....widely known as "The Angelina Jolie Tatoo".  These tattoos are protective tattoos that mostly men get done, and usually the artist is a monk. They also use these symbols or Sak Yant in ther cars or other vehicles to protect themselves from accidents. Ive seen it even on motorcycle helmets. These are two tiny temporary Sak Yant tattoos from a sheet that Astor brought be back from his trip to the River Kwai.

Es comĂșn que los extranjeros que vienen a Tailandia y a otras zonas del Sudeste Asiatico, se interesen por los tatuajes sagrados Sak Yant, o Khmer....comunmente conocidos como "El Tatuaje de Angeline Jolie".  Estos son tatuajes protectores que se hacen mayormente los hombres y generalmente el tatuador es un monje. Tambien usan estos simbolos de Sak Yant en sus autos y otros vehiculos para protegerse de accidentes. Yo lo he visto hasta en cascos de motocicleta. Estos son tatuajes temporales Sak Yant que me trajo Astor de su viaje al Rio Kwai.