Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Expat Toddler in Training. First impressions of Southeast Asia.

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Its been well over a year since we arrived in Southeast Asia with Astor in tow, he was less than two years old and still went around in his light blue stroller. He learned to walk freely and for long periods of time, during our stay in Luang Prabang. He turned two in Luang Prabang and since then he has become quite an expert and adventurous expat toddler.

Ya ha pasado mas de un año desde que llegamos al Sudeste Asiatico con Astor, tenia menos de años y aun lo paseabamos en su cochecito celeste. Fue en Luang Prabang cuando aprendio a caminar libremente y por muchas horas. En Luang Prabang cumplio dos años y desde ese entonces ya es un experto y aventurero niño expat.

May 2012, Bangkok

June, 2012 Luang Prabang

July, 2013 Phuket