Friday, April 3, 2015

Backpacks, Toddlers, Airports and Trains

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saying goodbye to the 7/11 lady
A Phuket to Bali transition

In one month it will be three years since we came to Asia. Three countries in three years isnt too bad. Small Kiddo will remember for sure, since she was born in Bangkok. 

Her passport is pretty cool and she has a birth certificate in Thai with a Garuda on it. So now we are in Bali, and in the two months we have been here, G's work has taken us all over the island. We have been to so many places, north, east, west. The kiddos wrote up a list of the hotels they have slept it, there´s over ten already. 

train to KL center
at the petrosains center

And then in the middle of it, we went to Kuala Lumpur for our visas, which was so cool. What a great city, the parks, the elevated walkways, the trains. KL reminded me that Im so much more a city geek than a country mouse. Thankfully I can get nice coffee close by our house in Bali and the taxis are not a nightmare like in Phuket. Just being able to go to a supermarket is a step up!

Wait, but the week before we left Phuket we had to go to Bangkok for our passports, so we went by train of course. The kiddos loved it, it was a night train with beds which was awesome for them. And then the last day before leaving Phuket we did an excursion to Phang Nga bay by boat with kayaking inside ocean caves and discovering all kids of colored coral. 

The Indonesia posts have been a long time coming, and there are so many things I could write about. I finally got around to having the blog leave Phuket so bear with me. Now I have to go to all the blog listings and get the location changed.  

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