Saturday, April 18, 2015

Why did I send the kids to School anyway?

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I like Worldschooling, sure I also like Unschooling, and yes even Homeschooling. We were doing all that for three years, in Laos and Thailand. 

So why then did I put the kids in a "normal" pre-school here in Bali? Well, mainly because it´s not a school in their home country where the language would not be new or the kids would not be of different backgrounds. 

The kiddos now learn words in Bahasa Indonesia to talk to our driver to the school, they spend four hours speaking English with no possibility of falling back on Spanish to get their thoughts across. Sure, school is controlling and annoying, and between four walls but the school also has two rooms full of Montessori games and tools. Which they both really enjoy. The playground isn´t so bad either.

"The schooling away from "normal" school is hard, really!"

The kids need heaps of attention and to teach them stuff on top of that is quite intense. Even Unschooling is difficult, in a sense that the kids are constantly following me, needing me, whinging on me. I was not being the best mom, or even the best teacher, much less the best example. We all needed some fresh air from each other. And sending them to school was a good choice as any.

I have no way of knowing if they will keep going after this year, if they do continue for one more year they will be in the same classroom because Montessori puts different ages together. They might like that. But maybe after this year is over I will be more in tune and be able to homeschool them again. maybe even Unschool them. Although I have found that Unschooling is the most complex. The thought of "doing nothing school like" makes me nervous, weary and anxious. 

Out of the three alternative ways, I definitely prefer Worldschooling. Learning with travel, sometimes at home, sometimes in a hotel, sometimes in a local school. My kids are so stuck to me that they have a hard time talking with someone if Im not holding them or nudging them to talk. Being away from me I hope will free this up and give them the confidence to have conversations with people they just met, and specially in English. Big Kiddo is already pretty good at this, but I am sure that being with other kids for four hours a day will make it even better. 

And the last reason why I sent them to school is for me. i needed time on my own, to do as I please, to do some art, to get some projects under way that I have been dreaming about. To go swimming, walking with headphones and music, to write, to eat alone. Sending them to school is a plus for everyone. Now we just need to get over the morning tears that come over Small Kiddo before leaving the house. This is new for all of us and I'm sure we will master it.


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