Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Conversations and Brainstorming with Big Kiddo

NaBloPoMo Day 2 

- Big Kiddo, here check out the apples on the computer, do you like it? it´s a calendar for June.

- Can I keep the green apple?

- Yes of course. So what do you think about making a real book with these kind of paintings. Remember like the ones we did in Phuket? What do you think of doing numbers AND things...like 1 lemon, 2 cats.....

- Ok, I want to paint the numbers.

- You dont want to write the words anymore? Small Kiddo can do that then, we can help her.

- Yes, I will paint the numbers.

- Tomorrow we can start with number 1.

- No, we have to start with number 8.

- OK. and how do you think the book should be, square or rectangular?

- Starshaped

And painted with shiny rainbows.

One of our fruits from the series that started the whole book project idea.