Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Puddles on the Way

Jumping over the holes on the road, he sometimes slips and lands straight in the puddle splashing his
stripy pants creating a myriad of brown dots and stains around his legs.

We are late for school but he has no notion of time, or minutes left or minutes gone, I check the phone every 20 seconds, about every two jumps.

His contagious laughter and giggling make me smile while also getting on my nerves, the car is waiting in front of the shop we have to hurry!

On the last jump before the car, his funny feet step right into a deep lake of street mud and his clothes get totally splattered.

I manage to dry his feet with tissues so that he doesn´t get a cold from the AC and its just a mess really.

We get to school just in time and he looks like a walking pollock painting, I look down and my legs looks just like his, street mud art of the best kind.