Friday, September 4, 2015

Licorice and Spice? Discontentment in Six Sweet Sentences

Contentment of sorts, is a jelly bean in a sea of salty swedish drop, sea salt, sugar and spice, aniseed and chewy licorice in an ocean of savory powder sugar.

I feel content when the day is clear and the winds are loose, cold sun and shiny clouds blowing overhead.

Today I got a box in the mail, later than it should have arrived with the contents exploded in a spicy sticky mess.

Salty sweets gooey from home, melted in a sea of yellow chili, books and dolls stained like an ochre rainbow.

I am not content with the contents of that damn box

I feel content when the night is light and the stars shine in constellations of fiery dreams, not when my sweets arrive in a mush of stale disgust. 

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