Saturday, October 3, 2015

What is Balistagram? Biweekly Roundup #1

When I lived in Phuket I was part of an instagram community called Phuketstagram; a collection of amazing photos about Phuket, taken by locals and expats. The featured photos were chosen through the sharing of the #phuketstagram hashtag. When I got to Bali I missed Phuketstagram dearly and so decided to create Balistagram; the same idea as Phuketstagram but for Bali. 

After creating the community I found that there were already a few hashtag roundup communities about Bali, so I decided to focus on a different view of the island. I made Balistagram very personal in accordance to my visual and photographic preferences. You will notice this quite quickly, once you follow the page for a while.

The first thing I found while looking for images to feature and regram, was the amount of Balinese and Indonesian photographers with a unique vision. I didn't feel too inspired by the "classic" touristic photographs of Bali, but I felt really moved by the local photographers. 

After a couple of weeks of creating the Balistagram Community, my iPad died and I lost al the momentum I had created. For five months I missed my little community very much. Finally managed to fix the iPad and now Balistagram is back!

Starting today I will do biweekly roundups of my favorite photos. The following are photos by; pandeparwata, dedehuck, sumberkimahill, and suryas_ 


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