Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Asian Standard?

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I arrived in Laos with a four month belly and 8 years of household pampering hanging over my head like a rainbow cloud.

Walking into the huge Asian-Miami looking house with tile floors that reached infinity and teak staircases that gave me instant panic attacks about the one and a half year old that would have to brave them; the first thing I noticed was that the windows were not see through clean and that my feet were getting dirty from the dust on the floor.

I emailed the owner to complain and she went on to explain about "Asian Standards" pretty much saying that I was being ridiculous and that none of her children had needed safety gates for the stairs and if I wanted the house to be shiny clean I'd have to do it myself. 

Three and a half years have passed since then, the windows in the house in Bali that we have been in living in for 10 months, have only been cleaned once when we moved in, my feet have dark calluses that I can hike barefoot with (I know, I've tried) and my bathroom mirrors always have spots.

Have my cleanliness standards changed?

I'm just a little more relaxed about it I guess, just one of the ways that life in Asia changes you.

Best of Worst