Friday, February 12, 2016

What is a Mompreneur, why do I want to be one?

What do I love?

I love Instagram
I love knowing how to use it to my advantage
I love seeing that I can tap into that knowledge and change my creative life.
I love having a 'Zine account that I curate, it gives me power.

I love my blog, I love the way it looks, all colorful and creative. 
I love the short and long stories I tell. 
I love how it has become a little corner of the internet that I can call my own.

This upcoming May, Crazy Little Family Adventure will be three years old.
I still haven't migrated to Wordpress and I haven't had much luck with Sponsored Posts. 

What I don't love is that I am not making any money from it. 
But why is that a problem you say? 
My husband works, he provides for everything we need! 
But I still need to feel like I am doing something towards my future. 
My kids won't be toddlers forever!

I have been a Stay at Home mom for the last three and a half years, before that I was a successful Makeup Artist and Hairdresser, before that I went to school and before that I ran a Bar and Restaurant. I have almost always either worked for myself or as a freelancer in a team so changing my career path to Expat Mompreneur seemed like the right way to go.

What is a Mompreneur?

Don't you just love the word? 
it's basically the mix of two awesome words;

 mom + entrepreneur

I have never seen myself as an entrepreneur, not even when I was 21 and opened my little pie shop that later turned into a bar. I just went through the motions because I didn't want to be an employee. It was fun while it lasted but it didn't work out so I guess my first stint as an entrepreneur was a failure in terms of money but those years will stick to my memory like a sticker to the headboard.

A mom that can work on her own and from home? 
That's pretty badass in my book. 
I want to do that, I want to be that, I want to rock that

So What Now? 

I have two projects going at the same time! 
Yes, I'm crazy like that. 
The first is my Etsy Store "Family Art Movement
But I've already written about that. 
You can read about it here on the blog
or visit the shop that is growing slowly but steadily.
There's a lot coming soon in the store 
so stay tuned to that too.
And get yourself some art in the meantime. 

What's the Big Deal?

The real BIGGIE is my new business venture! 
So how did I figure out what I wanted to work on?
I looked at what I loved. 
I love instagram.
And so my new instagram mastery was born!


There is more to come in all aspects of my internet corner so stay tuned!!!!

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