Saturday, March 12, 2016

Growing your own Food : A Blogging Carnival

When I was around 11 years old my father and his wife moved to the country and their front yard was a field of potatoes. Little by little they started adding other vegetables and I remember eating broccoli every day for a month, or eggplants in every possible way. The apples were never ending and the lettuce had to be given away. The sweet potatoes filled sacks and the sweet potato pudding was made every week.

My uncle owns a big farm and his wife always cooks with what they grow and I have some friends  who sold me their vegetables and fruit for a while. It has never been something out of the ordinary for me to eat straight from the source. 

I don't eat like that anymore, unless you count buying organic from the online farmer's market.

This month I am in charge of the "Raising Multilingual Children Blogging Carnival" hosted by Piri Piri Lexicon and the topic for the carnival is 

"Growing your own food + gardening with kids"

By: Ketchup Moms

Charu lets her kids eat the herbs straight from the garden. They love it and its good for them! Read More to find out what great properties mint and holy basil have for you and your family.

She has recently added curry leaves and Lemongrass to the kitchen garden and the kids love those too.

Gardening with my picky eater

By: Non Toy Gifts

Growing a tomato plant with her picky eater had a better result than she expected. Her picky eater started eating tomatoes off the plant after watching the plan grow and bear fruit. I am impressed, my tomato plants died very quickly.

Multicultural Children’s Books ‘Growing Your Own Food’

By: Colors of Us

This post has a great collection of Dhildren's Books for all ages and from all over the world. Truly a great library of resources.

Do check out this list, it's really very inspiring.
From Bali to the US, there's something for everyone.

5 DIY Gardening Gifts for the Global Foodie

By: Global Table Adventure

This post has some beautiful ideas for giving gardening gifts with a global flair. Learn about all kinds of herbs from all over the world and how to make wonderful gift baskets.

The extra bonus is an extensive list of herbs and where the come from originally. The idea is to make the gifts with herbs from every continent.

Cooking with Kids : Clemetine Jam
By: Scrambled Nest

This Luxembour family has a great little clementine tree inside their house and the kids love taking care of it

When the tree gave fruit, they decided to make some jam, visit the post to see how it came out!

Read also about how they grow veggies on their balcony.

La cueillette de Torfou 

By: La Cité de Vents

Picking your own vegetables even if it's not on your own farm is a great learning experience not only for your kids but also for you.

Who would have know that eggplantsstung and zucchini leaves are scratchy. 

This family had a great time even after hurt skin and panful backs. They ate their harvest for a few days afterwards.

A new vegetable garden with DIY edging

By: Femme au Foyer

Creating a place to plant some vegetables along the side of a house sounds like a great idea. It takes lots of work but if you put some love into it, then you can get great results!

Watermelon, squash, and even strawberries grace these gorgeous plant beds which replaced a messy layer of woodchips that had become a soggy home for bugs.

By: La Clase de la Sra. Dufault

A story about a group of teachers who did all they could to get a Tower Garden for their school. They not only managed to get one, but five!

These are some lucky kids to get to learn how to garden in a Tower Garden

By: Spanish Mama

With spring coming, it's no better time to start a new garden in a new house! Especially if grandma sends the mulch for the planters.

Getting our and with nature is an important part of childhood and having a garden is a great way to do it.

This round up post is a monthly installment for the "Raising Multilingual Children Blogging Carnival"