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This is the CRAZY LITTLE FAMILY ADVENTURE! We are currently in Sri Lanka.

An Expat Blog written by an Expat Mom trying to find her place in the Universe

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The awesome photo of me is
by my Friend Carlos

After seven years in Lima, My husband and I decided it was time for a change and our small family moved to South East Asia. First stop Laos, then Bangkok, Phuket then Bali and now Sri Lanka. we travel around the area on a regular basis, and then i write about it. I sometimes write about food and do reviews of products we like an use in our daily lives.

I started the blog in 2013, while In Bangkok. Our third baby had just been born and my husband would go exploring the city with the toddler. The baby started exploring in her carrier soon after that. I don't just write about travel, but also about the experience of being an expat mom and all the goods and bads that entails.

The husband (G) is a bit private, thats why you might not see him around on the blog, but mind you he took the majority of the photos.

My name is Orana and I was born in Peru but lived in the US as a teenager and in Argentina in my twenties. I grew up playing in art studios, inspired to be an artist myself. For ten years, I worked as a Makeup Artist, FX Artist and Hairdresser, always looking for time to write and never finding much. Now I work as a graphic designer for bloggers and small business owners, my biz site is oranacreative.com

My email is piorana@gmail.com

"I write about being an expat mother, and the trials that it brings me. As my blog has progressed the major topic has veered from how our family travels to my writing as a personal release and how making art with my kids keeps anxiety at bay. I believe in Worldschooling as the best way to educate my kids, and I hope to inspire other expat mothers with or without depression and anxiety to find creative outlets and truly find themselves no matter where they are. I try to use humor when I can, and recently have started writing fiction."

We were on Italian Television once!


Read about Worldschooling and how we do it.

When we first left we started the online high school but it was really hard because it relied on my daughter´s commitment to doing the work. She didnt fit into it very well. 

She went back to Peru and back to her normal school. The little ones I homeschooled and then unschooled in Phuket. I discovered that the easiest way for me to do it was though Art. Now I´ve sent the kiddos to Pre-school to get some intensive English. I would say that now we are essentially Worldschooling.


Read articles about our life as expats. 

How things are different in every country we have been in, how we navigate the languages, the great and new adventures we live on a daily basis.

Some are written in prose, some are photographic essays, some are lists. There's a lot to discover so dig in!


The first thing I remember about the food in Thailand is walking down the street and G buying himself a baggie full of green mango and chilli sauce. 

So spicy and tangy! I put up some recipes of the dishes we liked the most. My favorite one is the one about fried rice!


These are the newest stories. This is where the blog started to change. 

Here you will find the most personal of all the posts. I have put these first here because this is the direction the blog has taken lately. 

The new adventure. 

And These are my Guest Posts that are published in other blogs and sites!


This is how the blog started! 

Ever since we left Peru we have been moving around a lot. At the beginning it was mostly Dad and Big Kiddo going out every single day while I sat around in my big pregnant belly in the heat and tried to homeschool our Teen Kiddo. After Small Kiddo was born, we all started traveling together with the carrier and then a Kelty backpack and then a stroller and now she won´t walk! She just wants me to carry her.

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