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Stories from Southeast Asia and Beyond


Hi! We are so happy you are here.
Here on Crazy Little Family Adventure, you can follow our travels from South America to different cities and countries in Southeast Asia and soon to Europe. We aren’t a typical traveling family, we are learning as we go! We just know we need to keep moving.

“I am not born for one corner, the whole world is my native land” – Seneca

In the seven years since we started this blog, we have learned a lot about traveling as a family. We have also learned a lot about ourselves as individuals. Our kids are definitely Third Culture Kids, but we’d love them to be more bilingual than they are. We’ll see how that progresses.

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I’m the one who writes the stories here on our website. My name is Orana and I’m an artist, designer, mom, packing cube extraordinaire. 

I’m in charge of the kids academic schoolings like maths, grammar, and science. Traveling takes care of the rest! 

As we travel, part of our income comes from my work as a writer and designer. I love getting away in the mornings for a quick doodle or yoga session.

You can find me on Facebook or Instagram for more up to date snapshots of our travels.


Gonzalo is the travel master of the family. He’s the one making the plans and reading the history books. Most, if not all, photos on the site are his. His photography has always been good but it just keeps getting better.

He’s in charge of all things geography, culture, and history when it comes to the kids’ schooling. It is usually about the place we are in at the moment or the one coming up next.

You can follow him on Instagram for a very special take on everything about traveling.


“Master Astor” is the rambunctious and very energetic big brother who is always looking for the next best thing to do.  

He loves learning about science and geography but still hasn’t found “the book that you can’t put down.”

He loves eating mussels in all different preparations and will try new foods any day. 

He never runs out of energy!


Antigona is the little sisters who loves exploring and watching food travel videos before arriving at a new destination.

Every new place we arrive at, she checks for an over so we can make brownies.  She travels with her favorite stuffed animals and they also have their own backpacks.

Her favorite meal is mango and sticky rice because she was born in Bangkok, Thailand.


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