10 Tips for Tired Moms

It´s true that if you don’t have a sense of humor while you are raising toddlers, you just get stressed and pissed off. I am the perfect example. I try and laugh more than get angry but that’s really tough! I usually tend to hide in the bathroom….
Its not easy!

Making these Silly Lists helps my sense of humor harness happiness over stress. Join me for this weeks list.

1. When the kids spill rice on the floor, let it dry before you sweep so it doesn’t smear and stick to the broom. Picking at the broom is grosser than waiting.

2. Never pick up the legos OR pick them up, or just don’t buy any.

3. Always take the mini toddler to pee in the middle of the night or wake up to a spreading wet warmth at 5 am.

4. Try and get your kids to drink water instead of juice. I´m already done for so this is for the newbies.

5. Do not “organize” the toys, it will only make you stress when its all on the floor again.

6. Pretend the iPad is broken and use it in the closet when they aren´t looking. Mine really is broken though, they broke it.

7. Don´t drink so much coffee, its bad for your gut. I´m at four cups a day.

8. Try and eat sitting down. Once every two days.

9. Teach your kids to dress themselves. Unless you are impatient. I still dress the 5 year old.

10. Watch old movies with them. We just saw The Land Before Time, that´s old right?

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