10 Silly Rules I try to Impose on my Kids

This is a list of things I keep repeating to my kids.
I have made them into rules


Do the kids follow them?
Not really.
Some more than others….

1. No eating Oreos on the bed!
Oh the crumbs! The black and sticky stains on my pillow. ggrrr…
the ants….

2. Nothing with stickers in the tub.
That stuff just sits at the bottom of the tub like some disgusting residue.

3. No self application of Tiger Balm.
Dont touch your face! noooo.
aaaaah it hurts! my eyes!!!!
I told you.

4. No high pitched brain melting screaming allowed
Yea, this one is not being followed very often, or ever, at all

5. No eating of gummy bears or Cheetos before noon
It´s like alcohol right? I dont know why I insist on this one.

6. No more than 4 juice/milk boxes a day
How much pink milk can you drink????

7. Juice boxes with a little bit of juice left in them go in the rubbish bin, not exploded on the floor
Or stepped on, or squeezed on the table, or squeezed to make puddles on the floor to slurp like cats.

8. No whining
Keep dreaming, this is the most broken rule of all.

9. Don´t hold your pee for the entire day
Why is my pee orange?

10. Paint goes on the paper
Just wave the white flag on that one.

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