10 silly things moms do when the internet is on the fritz

10 silly things moms do when the internet is on the fritz

This week we had an unexpected mix of complications in the house. Not only was the internet down for three days but we also had a weird going on with the cleaning lady. So I found myself internet less with a messy house.

I shared this piece of information with some blogger friends and a lot of them answered that they only clean their house when the internet is down! Was happy to know I wasn’t the only on! Thankfully the cleaning lady came back. But alas, she will never scrub the shower like I do.

So, what does one mother do when the internet is on the fritz?

  1. Scrub the shower walls and drain. I got out the CIF!
  2. Take kids to the dentist. They actually fought over who got to sit on the chair first. I was in shock. But not more in shock that they didn’t even have one cavity between them!
  3. Clean gecko poo from the edges of the entire house. With disinfectant wipes and windex.
  4. Discover a cool paint app that was on the ipad. Its called paper 53 and it doesn’t need internet!
  5. Play hide and seek, Big Kiddo thought the best hiding place was right behind me and to move with me as I looked. He got a couple elbows to the face when I turned around. Ay pues.
  6. Talk with the kids about anything. Mostly about how the body works for hours.
  7. Go to sleep early!
  8. Make Hummus and homemade flatbread.
  9. Plant baby aloe plants along the side of the patio.
  10. Make sure the cleaning lady gets rid of all the cobwebs and the glue stains on the game room floor.
I think I might try staying unconnected for a few hours a day, if only to talk to the kids about anything and maybe scrub something clean.

What do you YOU do when your internet is down? do tell!