10 Stupid and Hilarious every day Toddler Obsessions







You know how toddlers obsess over things? Sometimes they last a couple of days, sometimes a few weeks and if they really like something you might never hear the end of it. Maybe Big Kiddo will become a vulcanologist or something, it wouldn´t surprise me. Although at this pace he might also become a princess.




Small Kiddo doesn´t seem to have hilarious obsessions like her older brother. Ok maybe the refusal to wash her hair.




Without further ado, my new “Stupid List” 










1. Volcanoes. At least once a day volcanoes come up in conversation. I am thinking up a logo for the blog, maybe it should have a volcano on it.




2. Marble Races.  We have marble races out of plastic bottles, paper tubes, and even old boxes. Now he´s doing some online.




3. Made up words. I think being bilingual creates a bigger vocabulary imagination.




4. Itty Bitty things in small tupperware with lids. Beads, sequins, fluffy little balls, mini legos.




5. Refusing to wash his hair. Or cutting it!




6. Shiny and Glittery Rainbows. Everything has to be shiny rainbow colored, everything.




7. Throwing everything on the floor and spreading it around. Especially when I´m not building marble races or lego constructions for him.




8. Holding in his pee until the last minute. And then peeing all over the bathroom because he cant control the freaky flow.




9. Strainers and Funnels. We have eight funnels and six strainers in different sizes and colors.




10. Throwing paint around. He calls it “Pintura Tornado”. His own personal Pollock style of painting.