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10 Stupid Reasons to dislike The Reggae Bar.

It´s true that if you dont´have a sense of humor while you are raising toddlers, you just get stressed and pissed off. I am the perfect example. I try and laugh more than get angry but that´s tough. Its really not easy. Making these Stupid Lists helps my sense of humor harness happiness over stress. Join me for this weeks list

10 Stupid Reasons to dislike the Reggae Bar

When Big Kiddo has to pee, he holds it in until the very last second! Usually when he is holding his pee, its the perfect moment (in his head) for tantrums! Its like the pee inside him gets him in a sour mood and everything is a bitter argument until he finally pees.

And if unluckily he´s also hungry and tired, the combination is utterly impossible and he starts demanding ridiculous things and won´t stay chilled out enough to eat, until he gets snapped at by me or dad, and sometimes not even then!

The other day we spent the day at the beach and wanted to finish it off with some friends at the Reggae Bar in Bangtao, just in time for the sunset.

Sure enough, Big Kiddo had to pee and was tired and hungry. Once at the Reggae Bar, he wouldnt pee, or eat. Everything was a huge problem, there was no way of staying and not fight between the four of us.

We left and I managed to get him to pee next to the car and then later he ate a lot of ravioli, drank the right size coconut, peed again and was happy once more. That night to sleep we made a list of reasons why he didn´t like the Reggae Bar and I promised we would write it down the next day.

Here it is!

10 Reasons why Big Kiddo did not like The Reggae Bar.

1. He had to pee really bad.
2. There was people he didn´t know at the table.
3. They were speaking to him in English.
4. There were too many baby pine cones in the sand.
5. The chair had a hole in it.
6. The coconut was too small.
7. He was too tired.
8. Small Kiddo grabbed the straw from his drink.
9. The sun was shining in his eye.
10. He really just wanted to eat ravioli.


In the end we did manage to see the sunset while I carried both tired out kiddos. it was definitely an awesome one. No clouds and the sun changing colors as it disappeared.

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 photo from Ytravel blog.