10 Ways I can show Support to moms.

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This is the first time that Crazy Little Family Adventure hosts a guest post, in this case a “Positive Guest List”. I am honored to bring to you today a wonderful List by Jeanine from Jsack’s Mom’s Blog.

Jeanine and I are part of The Mom Movement, and that’s where the inspiration for this list was born. We are both Mommitment Bloggers along with some other great women that you should check out after you read Jeanine’s awesome list.

10 Ways I can show Support to moms

A Positive List by Jeanine @ Jsack’s Mom’s Blog.

We all know it takes a village to raise a child, but what about the parents village? As moms we get forgotten about by others and we do the forgetting as well. I put myself last on my list for a long time and then I made a change. Today I’m lighter, leaner, and stronger and I won’t forget about my need for self care any longer. I know when I needed support I couldn’t always find it, so now I’m making it my life’s mission to show ways I can help.

1. I can lighten a mom’s financial burden and donate my children’s gently used clothes to a foundation in need.
2. I can buy some extra groceries and donate them to a food bank. A lot of single moms in my community access those services and there’s always a need for support.
3. If I see a mom struggling with her child after a long day I´ll offer to buy her a coffee.
4. I can pick up the phone and talk to a friend that I’ve only connected through text or Facebook comments.
5. I can get together with a mom friend and go for a movie night out. Then extend it into a trip to Starbucks to talk and laugh about what we just saw.
6. I can go through my boxes of superfluous amount of bath products and make up a gift basket and drop it off at a maternity ward in my local hospital.
7. I can offer to babysit for my friend so that she could have a break and put a smile on her face.
8. I can show up at a  struggling friend´s house, with a bottle of wine and a box of Kleenex just to let her know how much I love and value our friendship.
9. I can sit down take out my craft supplies and make a thank you card for my sisters who are my mom role models.
10. I can hug every mom whether you have children with special needs or you just need someone to show that they care by writing a list like this.

We are all in this world together making our journey through Motherhood work the best we can.

Everyone could use a helping heart and a helping hand.

Be the difference in a mom’s world today!