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NaBloPoMo Day 9


100 posts about worldschooling, about family travel, about being an expat and some personal ones too. Today The Crazy Little Family Adventure reached 100 posts. And that is pretty cool!


If this is your first time, you might try and check out my About Me page first. Or just keep reading about all the stuff I´ve been involved with during this blogging adventure! Read all the way down and find a freebie to download.


This is not the 100th post, it is actually the 101st. I´d say 101 posts is a pretty big milestone don´t you? How am I celebrating? I scrubbed the shower wall tiles, I made cheese, zuchinni and leek bruschettas, I might get myself a beer when I go buy TP later. Wednesdays are usually house days, so Im doing house things. The kids played with cornstarch and water today and made a big mess and loved it. I still haven´t cleaned that up.






How about some old posts? Im just going to pick the posts in tenths, hey why not! You might find something fun to read here, something you´ve never seen before! Go on, pick one!



For the 101st post I will do something different, something I have never done before. A round up of links, that´s new.
 I was chosen for one this week which was pretty cool.
So let´s get on with it. Let´s theme it; what has been going on… 

What has been going on?

The first site to have me as a guest poster was Your Expat Child.  I wrote a piece about Hurricane Andrew a few years back and then just recently a story about picking Bangkok as our youngest daughter´s birth city.

During the time in Phuket I wasn´t blogging too much until the very end when I found Mommitment. At first I was just a bystander while I waded through my last days in Phuket. Making the move to Bali was harder on my psyche than I thought it would be, but Julie from Next Life no Kids and all the women over at the Mommitment FB Group helped so much to get me out of my rut and get writing again. Julie featured a post by me on her blog, go look for it already! Just search “bali” on her searcher. I love mommitment, I love the women involved and I love what it has done for me. My official #mommitment post was about Expat Moms and how we need support too.

Once the writing ball was rolling all kinds of things started to happen, I joined the Tuesday @ Ten Weekly Writing Prompt. You can check out all my Tuesday @ Ten posts HERE.

I started writing little posts for a friend´s jewelry and lifestyle shop blog, Live Gitane. Those are great little pieces and his jewelry is awesome. You can read those…HERE

Sketch A Day 365
Writing wasn´t the only thing getting a move on, making art was too. So I started a Sketch A Day challenge for 365 days. This one is actually hard to keep up and I keep falling behind. You can check out what I´ve got so far…HERE

Then things started getting crazy and the writing kept coming at waterfall pace, so what did I do? I joined the BlogHer NaBloPoMo for June. Its a challenge to write one post every single day for a month. This, the 101st post will be my 9th NaBloPoMo post for the month of June. You can see all the other NaBloPoMo posts HERE, and bookmark it to come back and see the rest when they get written!

Somewhere along the way I was nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD. I´ve actually been nominated for another one, The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, I have to get on that! Thank you Diapers to Potty for nominating me!

Back when my Ipad was still alive, I started a tagging community called @Balistagram on Instagram. I was inspired by a community i was a part of in Phuket called @Phuketstagram. I was doing really well, getting tagged, featuring great photographers on the Facebook Page…and then the Ipad died. I am still waiting to be able to fix it so I can go back to @Balistagram with force!

I also created a group on Facebook for Bali Bloggers to share their posts and create a community. That one is a little slower but I still enjoy its existence.

And last but definitely not least is the Family Art Movement, which is the entity I have created that will take me and the kids on an adventure in making a multicultural and multilingual Picture Book. This is a work in progress and could take years to complete but the Crazy Little Family Adventure blog is its home. Read our introductory post about it HERE and download your free Desktop Calendar for June, 2015.


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