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5 Silly ways my toddler took Kangaroo Care to the next level


I have been a baby-wearing, baby-carrying momma through and through with all my three kids, BUT my son walked without a stroller or carrier at the age of 1. Now, my three and a half year old asks to be carried from the bed to the bathroom. I am at my wits end and I can’t take it anymore but for the sake of not having a tantrum myself (again today) let me just try and make a silly list.

Please don’t judge, remember your #mommitment mind.

5 Silly ways my toddler took Kangaroo Care to the next level

  1. She will say that she is a baby kangaroo/monkey/cat at least three times a day.
  1. She wants me to carry her everywhere, seriously will not walk anywhere. First of all, she has no physical trouble with actual walking; she just seems to be lazy. Ok who am I kidding I’m lazy too but I can’t carry her forever! She’s getting pretty heavy!
  1. She only wants to wear old shirts with chocolate milk stains and rilakumma underwear. No convincing will get to put on shorts or a dress. I’m not sure what this has to do with being a baby kangaroo but it’s still driving me crazy.
  1. She wants to sit on my lap any and every single time we are in a car. Don’t talk to me about carseats, I move around in taxis and carseats are just impossible.
  1. And the doozy, she still nurses to sleep, and in the middle of the night and in the morning. I want my titties back you cute and cuddly baby kangaroo!!!

And then she says things like “My brother is my best friend in the whooooole woooorld” in English and I melt.

five silly ways my toddler took kangaroo care to the next level