5 Stupid Miniatures that dig into my feet.

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Big Kiddo has an obsession, its Stupid Painful Miniatures.

The repetitive conversations between us go like this;

While in a store in front of some Painful Miniature display.
“I want these mom pleeeease”
“But you´ll just spill them all over the house”
“I´ll put them in a container, I´ll take care of them!”
“You always say that!”
“I promise!”

I give in.

Not even a day later and the Painful Miniatures are all over the house!
Ouch when you fail to navigate the obstacle course you will have to pick up later, again.

5 Stupid Painful Miniatures that make Dents in my Feet.

1. Legos. Yea you know what I´m talking about. And if you step on one that is lying sideways….Here, watch a video that explains why these bastards hurt so much!
2. Miniature Legos…whoever invented these is the Devil´s Spawn.
3. Beads. Not only do they dig into your feet, they make you slip on tiled floor!

4. Marbles. Coming off the bed and onto one of these is like getting acupressure from a monster.5. Ball Bearings Balls. Like beads but freezing cold!

Don´t get me started about when the Stupid Painful Miniatures turn into projectiles against the wall, the floor, my head….