5 Stupid Ways to Hurt your Knees


Yesterday I freaked everyone out.

Made G embarrassed to be around me. But that’s his problem.

The Kiddos just stared in disbelief and then would not look at my bloody knee.

I had to clean blood off the floor of the coffee shop and then wash my knees in the sink.

I am used to the whole skinned and wounded knees affair, this wasn’t the first time.

Here’s a stupid list of all the times I remember hurting my knees. No particular order, just how I remember them. There might be more….who knows.

1. When we took an overnight field trip to Space Camp in Cape Canaveral and we were so excited that the running to the dorms turned into a crashing onto a parked car and lots of laughing and bleeding and cold compresses.

2. The time we were playing around on a treadmill and I slipped and held on. Why didn´t I just let go???
The scar was a long lasting one. I bet Ok Go got some skinned knees while filming THIS.

3. When we were dancing and fooling around and I fell knee first on a guitar bridge, jeez that thing went deep in the skin!

4. That one time I got severe carpet burn…..ejem….WORTH IT!

5. That on time in band camp….jaja just kidding, although maybe I did skin my knees in band camp and I don´t remember. I might have been stoned.

UPDATE: Six months later…..

The scar from the day I fell on those stone stairs in the coffee shop, carrying my kid and completely making a fool of myself…is big, dark and heart shaped.