5 ways you know your toddler is growing up, and not yet.

How you know he´s growing

1. He starts to take off and put on his own clothes, although both legs in one pants leg or the underwear lopsided and the tshirt inside out…you know that soon they wont need you to dress them anymore.

2. He finally learns to spit out the toothpaste and rinse with water, consequently getting rid of the blue bubblegum toothpaste and using our minty one.

3. He can pee on his own, and can purposefully pee on that little leaf in the grass and not miss.

4. He knows where each kind of toy belongs and actually helps put it all away before bed.

5. He helps to put away the laundry in all the right places. And how to take the lint out of the dryer.

He still has a way to go

1. He cant put his shoes on yet.

2. He still needs you to blow on his food to cool it down.

3. He doesnt quite yet understand that not EVERYTHING has to go his way, all the time.

4. He still hates it when his hair needs to be washed.

5. All his fingernails and toenails need to be cut every Sunday, but at least it can be done while he´s awake.

Como sabes que ya esta creciendo

1. Empieza a ponerse y sacarse la ropa, claro que muchas veces las dos piernas en una sola pierna del pantalon, los calzoncillos volteados y los polos al revez….pero ya sabes que pronto no necesitara que lo vistas.

2. Por fin aprende a escupir la pasta de dientes y a enjuagarse con agua, consecuentemente bota a la basura la pasta dental azul on sabor a chicle y empieza a usar la nuestra de menta.

3. Puede hacer pis solo y apuntarle a esa hojita en el pasto y mojarla todita.

4. Sabe donde se guarda cada juguete y hasta ayuda a guardarlo todo antes de dormir.

5. Ayuda a guardar la ropa limpia en todos los lugares correctos, y hasta sabe sacar la pelusa de la secadora.

Como sabes que todavia le falta

1. Todavia no se puede poner los zapatos solo.

2. Aun necesita que le soples la comida para enfriarla.

3. Todavia no entiende que no TODO tiene que ser como el quiere, siempre.

4. Aun odia que le laven el pelo.

5. Sus uñas de pies y manos hay que cortalas todos los domingos, pero por lo menos ya se puede hacer mientras esta despierto.