Have you heard of Mommitment? 

It’s pretty much the best support group any mom could have. 
The women in the Mommitment Facebook Group feel safe to talk about their struggle as a mom knowing they won’t be judged but instead supported and loved. 

A few months ago, we got some decals made so that our mommas could spread the love outside of the internet.

When was the last time you put an awesome sticker on your car?

If I had a car I’d be placing this sticker in the back, in the front, inside the car. Although I have seen some moms put the sticker on their computer, and that somehow is much cooler!!!

Mommitment created these decals to spread the word about the Mom Movement and we love them! 

Enter the giveaway for your chance to win! There are two decals, meaning two winners! The giveaway is for US Residents Only.

What did you say?, you need to know more about Mommitment?
Well you are in luck, here are all the deets for you to get involved and feel like you’re not alone.

Go over to the Mommitment Website and sign the petition to end the mom wars. While you are there you should check out all our Mommitment Bloggers too!

The Mommitment Facebook page is a great page to follow because we post all sorts of inspirational and fun stuff for all mom. When you enter the giveaway you will me given the option of visiting the page. 

The Mommitment Facebook Group is the best place to be when you feel like you need the support of other moms knowing that you won’t be judged.

Now enter the giveaway to be one of two to win the awesome decals! Yay!

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