There is a Boov under my bed.

Out of total coincidence my neighbor gave us a bag of McDonald´s Happy Meal toys and there was a boov in there. It´s made a home under my bed. It has a rotating Pig Cat on it´s head. It really can´t get any cuter.

I´m going outside my comfort zone and I´m going to review the latest movie going on repeat in our house. I will write a review for this movie before I even google it. I will try and not be too spoilery also, cause if you haven´t seen this movie, kids or no kids, you should.

So Where did the movie come from?

I am an avid torrent downloader. Sue me.

There´s no Netflix in Indonesia, or in Thailand. In reality I’ve been downloading torrents since Megaupload went belly up.

Well, as you know, the summer holidays come around with a break in most of the awesome shows I follow. An EZTV drought let’s call it. When the list of downloadable torrents holds nothing familiar or interesting for me I head on over to Kick Ass Torrents and look for movies.

I’m not really in the know for what movies have come out lately or what I should be looking for. I first look at the name of the movie, if it catches my eye I check if it’s in English, then if it’s a nice copy and not a recording in a movie theater, then I check the comments and the seeders. If all these are in good standard, I download. I had no idea what this HOME (2015) movie would be about or if it was good, I knew nothing about it.

Pressing Play

The file wasn’t a mpeg so I had to open in VLC, Quicktime wouldn’t have it. No worries, I’m used to this. As I am sure all torrenters like me know, you need to have VLC as well as Quicktime to watch your pirated shows and movies.

I think it was about midnight, after I had finished a post and still wasn’t sleepy. I pressed play thinking, “If it’s crap I’ll just stop it and go to sleep”.

First images…the “Dreamworks” moon, Good Sign! And then the unmistakeable Jim Parsons´s voice over a very pinkish landscape full of spaceships and cute chewable toy looking aliens. I was hooked in about….10 seconds.

Hello Boov!

I recognized Jim Parsons voice in seconds and thought, “Was this movie made for him?” Seriously, what a perfect casting choice. He gives the voice to the most adorable squishy cute and wonderful alien ever, a Boov called “Oh”. His name is “Oh” because all the other Boov think he is the most annoying Boov of all and say ooooohhhh everytime he shows up.

That instantly gives him major points in my book. Wait but the way he talks is just awesome, he´s like the new version of Yoda, not in sense of knowledge but in sense of backwards wording. Whoever wrote the way Oh the Boov talks is genius.

Oh the Boov meets Tip

After settling on Earth and trying to have a “warming of house” party, that no one attends because Boov “do not party”, Oh embarks on a whole new adventure, running away from other boovs who want to arrest and erase him, quickly labeling him as “fugitive boov”.

He meets Tip, a girl that seems to be a nice mix of Caribbean and American, in a minimarket while she is also running away from the Boov. She was not abducted due to a mistake with her cat. They go off on a Slushious Adventure to find “my mom” and revert a mistaken message sent to the entire universe!

Only at the closing credits did I realize that the voice of Tip is done by Rihanna and then the whole multicultural identity of the little girls makes a little more sense and is actually a nice realization.

The Soundtrack

Here´s the soundtrack so you can get your boov on. Keep in mind, there is a reason there are Music Producers in movies. The soundtrack sounds better IN THE MOVIE! Trust me.

Boov colors

The Boov change colors like a mood ring. Their natural color is purple. They turn blue when when confused or worried, red when mad or angry, green when they tell lies, yellow when they are scared, orange when happy and if they’re really excited they turn rainbow color in muaré effects. I loved that!

“Home” is the new “Lilo and Stitch”

It didn’t take me long to start comparing Tip and Oh with Lilo and Stitch. A multicultural girl that becomes friends with a cute alien that is an outcast just like her. Really not much difference is there. Lilo and Stitch is my favorite Disney movie and now Home is my favorite Dreamworks movie.
I´m sure that if I google this, I will find plenty of reviews along the same thinking.

After I post this, I will start googleing the movie. Is googleing a word? it should be.