We went to the Good Market on Saturday for the weekly mendhi tattoo for the kids. They got rose and rosella juices, messed up their mendhi a few times and had the usual meltdowns. On our way out we went past the wooden toy stall and got a little farm animal set. Right in front of the very attractive trains and puzzles was a new table that had never been there before.

It caught my eye pretty quickly with the minimalist display and quite original looking wooden necklaces. The kids wouldn’t let me look at the pieces properly, “I’m hot, I’m thirsty, my mendhi is messed up”. After some fixings of all sorts, we made it back to the accessory table and I saw some really simple and pretty earrings. When I see something I like that might be a suitable accessory for me, I try it on. If it looks good it stays on and doesn’t come off for years. These pretty and delicate earrings are from Squared Designs and I have a feeling I will get a wood necklace next week.

I came home and took a photo of the earrings cause I was surprised that I had actually got myself earrings, something I haven’t worn in about 15 years. The last earrings I wore were a pair of nipple rings I found abandoned in the house I rented in Cusco. Yes, I cleaned them well before using them. I only knew they were nipple rings because I asked the people that had been staying with me. The girl who used to wear them got tired of the constant nipple strain and left them behind. They were perfect surgical steel hoops and they stayed in my ears for about four years until I got tired of them.

I sat down and wrote about 1000 words about jewelry…..

And then that happened.
It was really long, and detailed and maybe a little winded.

The idea for writing this article came from the conversation that started after I posted the photo on Instagram and Facebook. A friend blogger shared a post she had written about her life through her earrings. It is a beautiful piece, you can read it HERE.

I have only one worn two accessories for many many years, one for almost 20 years. My glasses and my lip stud. Now I have earrings and two rings. I like the change.



Doing graphic design work for an awesome jewelry maker family makes me happy. @donbiu

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Why do I like these rings and how did I get them?

For many years now I have been wanting to get a big tattoo on my back of an Erawan (a three headed elephant). I made the art for it even, but I still haven’t found the time or the artist for it to become a reality. On a visit to the Barefoot Cafe in Colombo, I saw the elephants ring and realized that I had to have it. The first piece of real jewelry in five years.

The other ring I saw for the first time on Instagram while in Bali but I still hadn’t made any money with my biz and there were no paypal funds. I kept seeing the ring pop up on Instagram until finally I was able to buy it. It was made in Australia and shipped to Sri Lanka, with quite a bit of customs troubles to receive!

I love this ring. It was made specially for me, Leonie makes every ring when its ordered. The elephants ring is great but you can tell its massively made. These two rings have a lot of meaning for me and I expect to stay with me for years to come.