Worldschooling with art

Actionable tips for location independent families to make art while on the road

Learning with art

When I started teaching the kids on my own, we were living in a little yellow house in Phuket, Thailand. My tools were whatever I could get at the neighborhood school supply store. I am a born artist and so it was my best way to figure out how to teach my four-year-old his letters and numbers.

Now they are older and we do art less than we used to. When we do it though, it makes our day and usually keeps us really happy for a while.

We have mastered a traveling art supply kit which I share in detail in a short PDF I put together. It’s free, so you can grab it below just by sharing your email with me.

Paint what you see

Painting what you see is a great way to connect with yourself at any moment. When the kids are bored, I tell them “draw what you see.” Given, it doesn’t always work. The idea behind this exercise is to be with oneself for the time it takes to create the drawing.


Using art to teach kids life lessons is relatively easier than trying to do it without art. You can either talk about important mindfulness topics as you paint what you see together or paint specifically about mindfulness. Art Therapy is a common way to use mindfulness together with art.

paint in order to learn something

Art can also be used in conjunction with academic lessons. For little ones, it can be about painting letters and numbers. For bigger kids, it can be about illustrating stories. Teaching “boring” topics by using art as a helper can make things more fun.

Our Stories

Read the stories I’ve written about worldschooling with Art. Some of the books we’ve read and the journals we’ve kept.

Learning resources

Learning about art is not too hard to do. With online and offline resources, there really is no limit to how much kids can learn about art.

Travel Art Supplies

Travel art supplies are essential for making art while on the road. They need to be small, practical and easy to carry.  Check our our favorites

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Teach your kids about Matisse and other painters who would paint watercolors pretty much anywhere. Take these along in your backpack.

Tayasui Sketches App

For the kids that prefer to sketch on a device, get them the Sketches app for iPhone, Android, etc.


travel draw pad

This is for the kids that like sketching fast and on the go. This works for parents too. How about some hangman in the waiting area.

colorful tool pouches

Pouches that can lay flat like this are the best for packing in suitcases and backpacks. The bulky ones aren’t as practical.


non-bulky markers

Markers can be bulky and heavy so it’s best to stick to the smallest you can find. Then again if markers are your thing, get any kind you like.


practical folders

These are great for taking some loose paper or worksheets. They are thin so when they get too full, some drawings can be given away.


non-bulky markers

Creating maps can be a great way to learn geography before, during or after you travel. Mix art with that and you have Worldschooling with Art.



We love Moleskine notebooks but of course, there are tons of other great notebooks out there. Find your favorite!

iPad Pro ?

OK, we don’t have one of these cause well…they’re expensive! But we all want one so we can illustrate our own story books.

artsy markers

If you or your kids love art markers, a little travel set like this is perfect. I travel with a pretty large pouch of these because we love them.

world crafts

This might be more suited for worldschooling at home but the idea is great wherever you do it.

Art that changed the world

Studying Art History basics doesn’t need an entire library. This book is big but it has it all.

BOoks and Ebooks

Art Lab for Kids

A child’s Introduction to Art

How to Teach Art to Kids

How to Talk to Children about Art

The Urban Sketcher

ONline resources

The Louvre Online Tours

The Met Online Exhibits

Public Domain Review

Art History Courses on Udemy

Art History Courses in Khan Academy