Big Kiddo was born right in the middle of the 2010 World Cup. He was hours old and a game was on the hospital room telly at 6 am. The first two weeks of his life he was surrounded by football (futbol in Spanish). I rather like this anecdote of his birth, but that didn’t mean that he would have football in his blood!

For months I have been trying to figure out what after school activity I could put the kids in so that they can burn off some steam and get some exercise. I decided on football because there is a lot of running involved. What I forgot to do, was teach my kids HOW to play football to begin with!

Messi who?

Whenever someone asks where we are from I say Peru, Small Kiddo says Bangkok, G says Argentina. As soon as they hear Argentina, they ask Big Kiddo if he plays football, if he knows Messi. Big Kiddo is always oblivious to these questions, we aren’t exactly a football family if that is such a thing.

I realized this week that since we haven’t lived in South America for years, he never experienced the football games with friends in school, or the games in the park with the kids in the neighborhood. Even if Peru isn’t a football star, the game is still played regularly in schoolyards and in front of houses. I never thought to explain football to either of my kids, I forgot that you don’t inherit futbol through your blood.

Running around

Small Kiddo had football first at 4 pm, she was put with a small group of little ones that were just starting to learn how to play. She did great! Big Kiddo was put in a larger group of older kids that already knew the game and were quite competitive. He did not do so well. He was more confused than a polar bear in the rainforest. Big Kiddo loved that comparison and got a real kick out of it.

Today they have football again, but we are putting Big Kiddo in the smaller group with his sister. I think he will like it better. He seems quite happy about the change. Big Kiddo might not be a football fan but I’m sure he will enjoy running around with a ball and his sister by his side.