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End of the Year Balistagram Roundup



Some of you know that I’ve been living in Bali for the last 10 months, and some of you also know that I love Instagram, but probably less of you know that I started an Instagram Community of photos of Bali. My original inspiration was a community I was part of in Phuket, called Phuketstagram.



A few months after starting Balistagram I noticed that there were LOTS of Instagram Communities about Bali. I started to think that maybe I was being silly and there was no point in trying to keep it up. But then I though, why did no one start a community called Balistagram? Such an obvious name right? So I decided to keep it up and you can follow along with the rest of the world by visiting #Balistagram today. You might learn a little about Balinese Culture too!

As the year is ending I bring you a roundup of the best photos I have found through Balistagram and show you how I incorporate a little learning for the followers.

I post photos with Elements of Bali. The photographers in this collage are;
@delunadenoir, @regina_tju, @oranavelarde, @degonzo74



I found some great photographers through Balistagram as well, here are some of my favorites!

@gustindra is a Balinese photographer with a great eye for landscape and reflection.

Some of his photos are digitally enhanced with extra things added to make some beautiful compositions.

His photos are not just about Bali, even though the backdrops are Bali, his photos are more about feelings.

Go ahead and check out his profile!

@divaayanti is another Balinese Photographer with a bit of different eye for things.

His photos are very eclectic and colorful. There are places, there are people, there are landscapes, sometimes a plate of food.

It’s his vision of life in Bali that I really enjoy.

Go ahead and check out his profile!

@regina_tju is an Indonesian photographer from Jakarta who travels occasionally to Bali.
I love how her profile maintains a sense of calm and peace. She uses white, light creams and greens and reds all over her photographs.

I like her photo of the offering and I used it for the Canang Sari feature.

Go and her check our her profile!