Choosing the Right Quote to share Online. #mommitment

NaBloPoMo Day 16

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The 31 day Mommitment event was held in May, and there were blog posts, images, photos and plenty of quotes and memes about motherhood and personal strength.  I found most of the things I shared from Pinterest, by searching phrases like  “mom strength”, and “tired mom”.

I compiled a collection of mostly positive and uplifting images to share in the event. When the 31 days came to an end, there were a few images leftover in my download folder that I had enjoyed, but hadn´t shared.

Since I am human, my non-judgmental mindset has a tendency to close its doors sometimes, to promote anger and anxiety.

Weeks after the Mommitment event, I was having an especially anxious day. I reflected on how awesome I had felt during those 31 days and how I had shared some pretty deep stuff with the women there and how supportive we were of each other. I went into my files to relive those empowering moments and found a leftover quote that reflected my current feelings.

I posted it to our Mommitment group.

It seemed like a positive quote. It completely encompassed the feelings of frustration I was experiencing.

Many women in the group related to the quote and liked it. That reminded me that I am not the only feeling inadequate or judged by other people for my decisions and life choices.

And then came along a different perspective.

Our wonderful moderator Julie, the founder of the Mommitment movement left a comment. She didn´t agree with the essence of the quote, specially the name calling. She suggested, “we don´t need to prove anything to anyone but ourselves,” and also that we do not need to pass judgement on others, even when they judge us. Julie suggested name calling those who might be judging wasn´t necessary and it only reflected the same feelings of inadequacy. Those people deserve love and support too. They don´t need insults and judgement anymore than I do.





I had not even realized that by posting this quote, I was judging AND insulting all those who might be judging or doubting me.

There is so much to learn from this experience. It reminds me of a book I´ve been trying to read for months, called Radical Forgiveness (free PDF version online.)

After the initial comment thread, and realizing Julie was right, I edited the image so that there was no name calling. The ensuing conversation from the second post was empowering for everyone involved. This whole discussion started me thinking…

-How did I not notice the grammatical error?

-Why did I choose this particular quote?

-How was I feeling when I chose to share it?

-Do I really feel that it reflects my personal opinion?

-Why am I using judgement as a coping mechanism?