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Get those old magazines and get sticky with your kids today!

“In art lingo, collage simply means “to glue,” and is the assembling of different images or materials to create a new whole. It emerged as an artform in the early 20th century in the work of Picasso, Braque, and other artists, continuing through the present.”

– Cathy Malchiodi at


Make a Collage with your Kids

Have you ever done a collage? Collages are a great way to do art if you aren´t into paint or if you want to try something different. Collages are forgiving in the sense that you don’t have to try and create something from scratch; you take already created things, change them and make them your own.


Making collages as therapy can have specific purposes, you can make a dream collage, an inspiration collage or just pick a theme and go with it. You can also even recreate a face with other face parts or a body or anything really. The best fodder for making collages are old magazines, better even if the magazines are of varied topics.


Have a conversation with your kids before doing the collage, look through the magazines and let them pick out the images they like. If they are too young for scissors, they can just rip the paper or ask you to help.


In honor of this post, we made a collage about Bali, the island where we now live. We used brochures and maps given to us by hotels that have been lying around the house for months. The kiddos picked images of the things they like the most about Bali and I helped them cut them out.


A new and more modern take on collage therapy is digital collage; for those who do not like getting dirty or sticky. Although getting dirty and sticky is part of the fun!


Collages can be simple or as complicated as you wish. We for example used a piece of paper that already had some painting on it, that way our collage had a double depth. On the other hand it can be quite simple like the one on the image to the left. I could not find the artist for this collage, if anyone recognizes it, please send a shout out!


When doing collages with kids it´s best to use glue sticks instead of liquid glue, or liquid glue with a soft applicator tip. Otherwise the floor/table and their hands will be a sticky feast and they wont be able to glue things on the paper without some stress.


The whole idea of doing a collage as therapy is to have fun, to take it easy and let the kiddos lead you as much as possible as to what goes where and how. If the glue goes everywhere, just let it and spread it back on the paper as well you can. Pieces of paper are not the only things you can glue on your background, we also added a piece of Balinese fabric we got from a bottle of jam.


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