Crystal Guava, Sweet Green Guava, Farang Fruit

 I never used to eat Guava fruit in South America. Maybe sometimes had guava juice, but that´s about it. Here in Thailand I discovered the many many fruit carts around that sold all kinds of cut and uncut fruit.

I even wrote a post about it.

Guava in Thailand is called Farang, just like the nickname they give white foreigners. Basically it means that us white people are bland and unflavorful! jajaja Either way, they´re good for digestion!

Well, there are two versions of the fruit; the natural one with the lumpy light green skin, and the peeled but bright green version that we all prefer. The first to discover farang fruit was Astor of course on his very common boat ride along the Chao Phraya River. For a while he took along a little bag of the normal farang until I noticed the bright green one and decided to try it. We were all hooked. Here´s a video of him on the boat enjoying it.

We didn´t learn the name of this particular kind of farang fruit until we got to Phuket and a fruit vendor told us it was called “farang buay” or something like that. I cannot find it written in Thai anywhere. Maybe I´ll ask a fruit vendor to write it for me.

The funniest thing that has ever happened with this great sweet crunchy goodness is one day when we got some at the beach and a funny thai lady said “Farang kin farang” Awesome! kin means eat so its Farang eats farang. We loved it and have been saying it laughing ever since.

Here is a borrowed photo of how the bright green farang buay looks like before eating;