Every traveler has an awesome travel style I strive to enjoy

Every traveler has an awesome travel style, I strive to enjoy.

NaBloPoMo Day 20

Its time to get real about how our family travels.

Travel is like music, and its rhythm 
depends on the dancer. 

My husband is an all night raver and Im a ballroom dancer. He leads in big adventurous strides and I let myself be led across the world. Without being able to sit still very long, maybe a quick stop for a shower, there is always something new to discover, an exotic spicy dish to eat on the side of the road, a maze of streets to get lost in. I tag along and tire quickly.

As a kid, travel was part of my life like changing a pair of socks. Packing and unpacking suitcases like organizing drawers. There was no excitement in it, just movement. On the other hand, travel for him has been the fuel for his dreams.

He cannot stay in one place, be it house, city or country without exhausting all possibilities of discovery. Books, maps and magazines plague his messy carry-ons. When he was younger and traveled alone he would arrive at a hotel and dump the contents of his backpack on any available spot and continue from there. No hassle, no worries, just adventure.

I fold the clothes before I pack them, put the toiletries in their special waterproof place, cover the shoes in plastic, button up the shirts and put them in last. I prefer a rolling suitcase over a backpack any day.

Now we have two toddler travelers. Big Kiddo is like dad, walks for kilometers without tiring, once out of the house/hotel does not want to come back. Teen Kiddo and Small Kiddo are more like me. we take things slow and don´t like to lead any expeditions BUT do like to be taken places and eat nice and exciting dishes. Dad is chilled out and I´m a little annoying about “dirty” things and getting wet, be it beach or pool or rain.

I have undiagnosed depression. This means that for me to get excited about something, it needs to be major. I am the strong one physically so I do all the carrying and this affects my mood quickly, making me emotionally tired. I do not have the travel stamina he has and this often puts us in difficult situations.

Travel is not just going overseas or the next country, or even to the next city, travel is every day. It can take weeks, months to mentally document the neighborhood. Going out for breakfast involves walking two or three kilometers and eating in two or three different places. I love this about him, but it does not fit with me so well.

I sometimes feel jealous of how Dad and Big Kiddo can adventure like they do, I have tried to keep up and maintain the good humor but it´s hard when its hot and Small Kiddo won´t walk. Our family is evolving and I can´t wait to see where else the travel music takes us.