Expat moving: what are your firsts in a new kitchen?


Expat Moving. What are your firsts in a new Kitchen?



If you are NOT and Expat you can still enjoy this story. We have all moved at some point in our lives haven’t we?


Hello Expat!
So you’re moving again!?
As expats we tend to move a lot don’t we?
Most of the time to really far away places!


Do you move with all your stuff in a container that arrives a couple months after you, or do you leave it all behind and just take what you can carry?


What kind of expat are you? “Massive move” Expat or “Backpack” Expat?


We are backpack expats although every time we have left behind minimal boxes and suitcases that will hopefully follow us at some point. And from Bangkok to Phuket we sent a little truck.


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What happens when you first arrive in your new house?
I check out the kitchen and what I have to work with.


The other day I wrote a post on FB about how I keep repeating “firsts” when it comes to kitchen appliances and what I do with them as soon as I get them. I figured a full blown post could be fun!


The Big Pasta Pot, The Fridge and minimals


The first things I get are the minimal tools to be able to make pasta and steamed vegetables. A big pot with a steaming basket, a cutting board, a knife, some bowls, cutlery and a couple mugs and plastic cups for the kiddos.


The houses in Laos, Bangkok and Phuket had fridges but the one in Bali didn’t. After almost two months without one, the first thing I bought when we got the fridge was BUTTER! oh and cheese of course. Which reminds me of how Kraft Cheese Slices are never refrigerated in the stores in Bali. So that’s definitely NOT cheese right?


After the big pasta pot, I get a small frying pan on which I can fry eggs, make omelettes, simple stir fries and toast. For about a month it’s basically that, and pasta and eating out at the local eateries.


In Phuket we actually survived without a cooking range for six months just with a microwave. I’m actually glad we don’t have one now in Bali. It’s really only good for popcorn.


The Thick Wok with a lid


The next thing I get is the big thick wok where I can make pretty much anything, from stir fries to stews and soups. I want to try and make popcorn on it in the next few days.


What are the first things I make when I get the big fat wok?


  • Locro (A Peruvian Pumpkin Stew with corn and cheese)
  • Pumpkin Soup (I finally figured out how to make it taste like my Grandmother’s, it was caramelized onions!)
  • Lentils (Big Kiddo likes them plain so that’s how I make them and then accessorize when I serve them)


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The Blender / Liquidizer


This is something that I always wonder if I should get straight away or not. I put it off thinking that I might not really need it. But as soon as I get the wok and I can make soup I need to be able to blend it.


What are the first things I make with I get the blender?


  • Pineapple and Ginger Juice (Poured through a strainer of course)
  • Pumpkin Soup!
  • Potato Soup (Always leave some chunks though!)
  • Hummus (The more garlic the better!)




The Oven


I haven’t had an oven in three years but I’m pretty certain of these firsts;


Lasagna (The classic with bolognaise and bechamel)
Quiche (Lorraine please!)
Apple and Peach Crumble (with nice warm custard!)
Brownies (With Pecans)
Pecan Pie!


I really can´t wait anymore to get an oven, it’s been too long.


How about You?




I would love to hear what kind of expat you are, “massive move” or “backpack”? Tell me your kitchen “firsts” when you move into your new house.

Leave a comment below and tell us a bit about your first days!