Family Food Manias for Monday Musings

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Olive Oil

Big Kiddo likes his lentils without any added things in it. No carrots, no potatoes, no onions. I have to puree the garlic so that I can put it in there, and make sure that I use some kind of stock for stewing. He then likes them to be lukewarm almost cold in temperature and then drizzled with olive oil.
His favorite way of easting pasta is with butter, garlic, capers and olive oil.
How does he like his bread? Multigrain, soft, thick and dipped in you guessed it, olive oil.
I buy about a half liter of olive oil every ten days or so, but I have caught Big Kiddos’s dad swigging olive oil from the bottle. Maybe I’ll start buying bigger bottles or more bottles each time.


The pasta, he likes to see a little square of butter melting on top.
The toast has to be warm enough for the butter to melt a little bit still be yellow, not disappeared.
Saltines always have to be with butter.
Big Kiddo’s dad likes buttered toast but only with marmite on top.
When the supermarket has no salted butter, i buy the unsalted butter anyway. Unsalted butter lasts almost three weeks, salted butter is gone in a week.


Chocochip Cereal has to be eaten while watching the Alvin and the Chipmunks Movie.
When they get Froot Loops I eat most of them in bed.
Single serve cereal bowls with powdered milk are incredibly handy.
Choco krispies are never finished and always leave a terrible mess.


Pink for Big Kiddo
Chocolate for Small Kiddo
Milk Tea for me
Dad only drinks fresh