Fiction: A day for Mars


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Ketut was sitting on his bed looking at videos of volcanic eruptions, his favorite past-time when he had finished his schoolwork, after the usual Kilauea lava flows and Icelandic lava bursts with the northern lights in the background he came across a video he hadn’t seen before. One that looked like it was from outer space. He clicked on it.



The text in the description said, Olympus Mons is the largest volcano on Mars, almost 100 times bigger than Mt. Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Ketut was instantly intrigued and watched the entire 40 minute documentary.  He learned every possible thing known about Olympus Mons and googled it for some images to print and put up on his volcano wall. He had been collecting volcano photos for years, his favorites were of the eruptions with huge ash clouds climbing into the air.




His all time favorite was an old postcard of Mt. Krakatoa in Indonesia, a black and white photo with browned edges and a big fold in the middle from taking it in rucksacks and back pockets. This postcard had been taken to many places already and it’s current place was on the wall in their house in Kuala Lumpur. He missed having volcanoes close by, Kuala Lumpur was a huge city and there were no volcanoes around so his volcano wall and the Internet kept his passion alive.

He sat at his table making a collage of Olympus Mons images when Komang came in with some snacks. Wayan and Made didn’t live with them anymore, after they had finished their work study program in Phuket they got jobs in different parts of the world. Wayan went back to Bali to work at a boutique hotel on the beach and Made went to Europe to work with student travel agencies.

Komang and Ketut missed their big sisters but they always sent each other postcards and little messages, they were planning a family trip to Peru for the upcoming year and were very excited since they hadn’t seen their abuelos in a long time. Ketut was already planning to go photograph El Misti, an extinct volcano in Arequipa.

Ketut explained about Olympus Mons to Komang while they ate their sio may with spicy soy sauce and had some laughs remembering the one time they had all gone climbing Mt. Batur in Bali for a family trekking trip and it had rained and everyone had gotten soaked and were sick the next day. Just one more day full of volcano thoughts for Ketut and his sister.