Fiction: Deep Musk


*This is my second piece for the #BlogBattle*

“What is that horrendous smell coming from your car?”


“I sprayed it with something because it didn’t smell too good.”


“But it smells worse now probably. What is that?”


He hands her a glass pump bottle with a shiny top. “I just bought it at the stand outside the market, the one with all the little bottles, the lady said this was good, masculine.” He smirked.


“Well it stinks!” She laughs a she climbs in the car and opens the window.


“It´s better than what it smelled like before though.”


He eases the car out of the driveway on to the thin piece of pavement resembling a road. The incessant flow of motorbikes doesn’t ease up it just steers away from the red car letting it join the flow of traffic.




“Deep Musk” She reads out loud from the little bottle and coughs. “That´s intense man! Did you know Musk is originally a smell taken from male deer antlers? Although I doubt this one has any of that in it.”


“Shut up, you´re talking nonsense” He jokes as he turns left on to the highway heading towards the mountains where they are planning to stay the weekend in a little teak house that a friend is lending them.


“No, really; It´s some kind of secretion, like a pheromone kind of thing, to attract the female deer. This little perfume of yours though smells more like an over-exotic incense; it´s definitely not attracting me. Open your window already!” She waves her hand in front of her face to dissipate the air while turning on the stereo.


“You don´t want to smell what was before I sprayed that moose pheromone, trust me. “


“Why, is there a dead animal in here or something?” She looks around at the back seat where the backpacks are leaning over some boxes of food and a pile of blankets.


He looks at her sideways trying not to frown and puts the volume up.


She sprays the Deep Musk on her shirt to smell it on its own to check the potency and is surprised that its not that bad by itself. She looks over at him and opens her eyes as big as she can and starts laughing loudly. “Alright, tell me what happened.”


“It´s gross.”


“I can imagine, but I still want to know!” She can’t hold back the giggling.


“Alright…While I was on that trip out of town last week, my brother forgot some leftover food in the trunk and a mouse got in, and then couldn’t get out. I found it a few days later. The smell won´t go away. I thought that spraying that perfume would help mask it. It was so disgusting don´t remind me again.”


“Just keep those windows open! I´m completely appalled right now. And not turned on by your car’s Deep Musk. You better not spray this stuff on yourself cause it will just make me think of dead mouse and that’s not attractive either.” She keeps laughing until she chortles.


His favorite driving song comes on and he sings along smiling trying to forget the image of the dead maggoty mouse in his trunk. They laugh / cough together and enjoy the odorless wind for what it´s worth.