Fiction: Eat up, Dragon Eyes!

4th Entry for the #BlogBattle


That Tuesday morning the wind and rain had stopped attacking the island after 30 hours of incessant whistling and shaking of the old trees outside their house. It was the third time that month that the skies had exploded in heavy showers that soaked a person in seconds if they were caught off guard and uncovered. The monsoon season was the best time to read books and play pretend games. Ketut loved spending time with his sister Komang while she did her schoolwork at home with their mom.


Wayan Sandra and Made Claudia left the house every morning on their motorbike to get to their work study programs, Suri used a bright red rain poncho and Chanti a silver one that Ketut had picked out for her in the market down the road. If the day was clear, Ketut and Komang would stand in the balcony and wave goodbye to their sisters as they left the driveway. Enrique left a few minutes later in the car going in a separate direction. The girls were doing their last two years of University in Phuket, working in two different hotels on the beach while their father had an office in the old town.


Most of the weekdays in the house were centered on Komang´s studies; she was 15 and had a very hungry imagination. Their mother Dewi tried to keep her busy with books to read and essays to write but it was never enough. On the rainy days Ketut would ask Komang to read to him from one of the books in the wondrous library that moved with them all over the world.



“Read me that one, about the Volcanos of Indonesia!”


“Again? I read you that one all the time.” Komang teased her brother knowing that he wouldn´t change his mind.


“I like the sulphur volcano pues, Please!”


Dewi came into the play/study room she had set up next to the kitchen, bringing snacks. The rain had started again making it feel like it had never really stopped in the first place. “What are you guys doing?”


“Komang is going to read to me about the sulphur volcano mamá!”




“Well, why don´t you read that and then write a little story about it. You could include a dragon in it.” Their mom winks as she leaves to put some of the orchids in the rain.


After reading the chapter about Mt. Bromo for the 18th time, Komang and Ketut were tangled up in pillows and blankets talking about what the dragon for their story would be like.


“He has to have pointy scales on his tail and big blue eyes, like the color of the sulphur burning at night. And his skin like the color of lava stones!” Ketut untangles himself from the Brazilian rainbow pareo and starts making dragon faces as he jumps up and down on the day bed.


“He sounds scarily beautiful!” Answered Komang getting up to grab their story journal and colored pencils. “He lives inside a dormant volcano with caves as big as double decker buses with tunnels and great big holes for him to sleep in.”


As Komang starts to sketch the general shape of their dragon Ketut continues with the story, “One of the tunnels in his cave leads to the magma chamber and way at the bottom he can see the orange glow, and all the walls have stinky yellow sulphur rocks!”


“Wait, but sulphur volcanoes don´t also have lava, only sulphur and deadly gases!”


“Oh, then at the bottom of the pit is a whole bunch of molten sulphur spewing gas and the dragon can breathe it without getting hurt, and when he blows fire it also has the gas!”


“Yea, that sounds good. Look, I´m going to paint his eyes, which color blue do you think we should use?” Komang finished drawing the outline of the Sulphur Dragon and its scaly tail, she drew the eyes really big and scary.


“Remember those tutorials on the internet of how to color eyes? They used white too, like to make spots that shine. We should do that! And use all the blues to make it look like his eyes are made of some kind of magic glass.” Ketut couldn’t control his excitement and was running around the room throwing pillows at the ceiling.


They colored the dragon´s eye together and it turned out really well. They were really enjoying illustrating their story, like they enjoyed all the artsy things they endeavored in. Ketut sat at the work-table with some black, yellow and blue playdoh to build the volcano with the caves.


This is how the morning sped by with the rain and the wind singing songs outside the window. The volcanic dragon story grew and grew, as did the illustrations and the ideas. Komang said it was the greatest story they had ever written while sitting next to Ketut as he finished adding the sulphur rocks on the walls of the cave.


“Lunch is ready!” Dewi called from the kitchen at the same time that a great burst of thunder hit the sky and lightning sneaked in between the clouds. “It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop! Come on kids, I made nasi goreng, your favorite.”


“I’m the sulphur dragon and I’m going to eat youuuuu!” yelled Ketut as he came into the kitchen pounding and making claw hands and growls at his mother.


Dewi and Komang laughed and played along as they sat to enjoy their Balinese fried rice that they loved so much. “Eat it all up dragon eyes! You need your strength to defend your volcano.” The water kept falling from the sky for the rest of they day.

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