Fiction: Ketut Jorge and a Dream of Fire.

*This is my first ever piece for the #BlogBattle*

The day Ketut Jorge was born was not a common day on the Island of the Gods, the sky was full of ash and the ground was moving like a jelly mold. His three sisters were nervous with the tremors and grey plumes coming out of the mountain top. His mother sat in the garden watching the ash fall on the flowers and breathing through a handkerchief while the girls helped get things ready for Ketut´s arrival.


The youngest of the girls was 12 years old and was the most excited of all, but the island´s behavior made her edgy. She stayed close to Wayan and Made while they prepared all the things their Balinese mother had asked them to do for that night.


When it was almost time for Ketut to arrive, the house shook as if it had been hit by a shock wave, the girls yelled and their father hugged them


“It´s only Apu Gunung´s blessing for the birth of your brother, be thankful that the fiery spirits are welcoming him with their greatest gift”


Their father was Peruvian and had embraced the Balinese culture without letting go of his own. He always called the Volcano “Apu Gunung”, a wonderful mixture of Andean and Balinese mythology.

Komang didn´t think that ash and lava was a gift really, the constant tremors and her mother´s stifled grunts of labor were scaring her. The night before she dreamed that little pools of lava had formed in their yard, in between the lotus ponds and Buddha Statutes. In the dream, she could see how the lava cooled down into a solid black mass and hissed as it turned to stone.


“But Papa, I dreamed that there was red fire under the flowers and that the water boiled around the lilies.”


“This is a good dream Komang, you are creating a livable myth for your brother, embrace it. Go join your sisters and mother, Ketut Jorge is coming soon.”


Two long hours later into the night, a loud explosion rippled throughout the island, Apu Gunung had reached its peak of molten dreams and threw lava into the sky. At that same moment, Ketut Jorge was born with fire in his eyes and hair the color of flying ash. He had magic in his smile and a grip like a Mountain god.


The Village did not suffer from that night´s eruption; the wind blew the ash towards the ocean and the lava to the waves. From their rooftops they could see the plume of ash mixing with the breeze and the lava falling in the current.


All the villagers came to visit Ketut Jorge, bringing gifts and offerings for his family temple. Every year on his birthday the entire village was decorated in paper fire and grey balloons. Never before had a baby been born under Apu Gunug´s power and everyone made sure he knew that as he grew into a very inquisitive and adventurous young man.

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