Hi! I’m Orana, an artist of many trades and creator of the Crazy Little Family Adventure Blog.

I have been writing about my family’s Adventures in Worldschooling through Travel and Art since 2013. Take a seat and have a look around.

Would you like to Work with Me? I can write for your blog or we can talk about a collaboration piece on my site. I am available for PR collaborations any time! Just send me an email through the form below!

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Get to know our Etsy Store + Giveaway

Read more about our family art movement 

Meet the Family Art Movement, the creative brainchild of the Crazy Little Family Adventure Blog!
Our very own Etsy Store is live and ready for business!

Enter the giveaway to get a chance to win all these things;

  • One Super Fun Volcanic Balinese Happy Buddha Bracelet (handmade in Bali especially for you)
  • One Set of Balinese/Chinese Playing Cards with instructions (A classic Balinese keepsake that we don’t make ourselves but love to play with)
  • One Set of four Digital Prints (you can pick one of the multilingual sets with the languages of your choice, a set of digital flowers or a set of the inspirational quotes)

Family Art Movement is an Etsy Store that sells all kinds of things made by me, and my family members. We launched the store a few weeks ago with Multilingual Digital Art, inexpensive and fun pieces to decorate the homes of multicultural families or fans of multilingualism and foreign language. While we process the manufacturing agreement with our ideal printers, we will keep on offering easy digital art and very soon our very own Volcanic Balinese Fun Jewelry.

In the future we will offer original art prints on canvas and paper, greeting cards, multilingual flashcard sets, artsy iPhone and Android cases, rucksacks, eclectic handmade fun jewelry and MORE!

We have big plans for the store and hope to grow consitently, but we need you, the Crazy Little Followers to help us out and get our name out there. That’s why we are hosting this little giveaway, tell your friends and help our little store grow!

The following box is the raffle that you must enter to be eligible to win the awesome items that I’ve shown you. The entries consist of liking my pages, hearting my store and other things like this. It’s easy and you might find something new. Thank you so much for being here and taking the time to see if you win! YAY!


get to know our etsy store