Back in 2012, when the move to Thailand was still in diapers, I had already heard of Trunki suitcases for kids. I had seen one in the immigrations line in Rio de Janeiro and tracked it down through an extensive Google search. I had no idea what it was called since the toddler owner was sitting on his! instantly I knew that Big Kiddo would greatly enjoy one of his own.

It took a while but I finally found a place in Lima that sold Trunkies, the Caramba store in San Isidro on Pardo y Aliaga avenue. Unfortunately they didn´t have any of of the special animal trunkies when I was there, but they did have customizable stickers! Big Kiddo loved picking the funny eyes and cute smiles for his green Trunki.

From Peru to Laos and then to Thailand, Big Kiddo sat on his Trunki without reaching the floor, not being able to ride it on his own, so he asked to be pulled on it ALL THE TIME. We all became experts at turning and pulling just right so he wouldn´t go flying off it until he learned to hold on tight to the Trunki´s horned handles. 

He has the exact collection of toys that he likes to keep inside it, some toys are not allowed in there, like the Mr Potato Head. He mostly likes to keep his plastic animals and vehicles like the helicopter he got at the Istanbul airport. Now he can finally reach the floor and rides it all around the house, when he has to pee he parks it next to the bathroom door. Cant wait to take the Trunki toddler traveling again.

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