Hotel Sketches Collection

NaBloPoMo Day 6

We´ve been to many hotels in the past three years. We´ve completely lost count. Our first hotel in Asia was the Phranakorn Nornlen Family Hotel in Bangkok. And we loved that hotel, it´still one of our favorites. Yesterday we spend the night in one of those hotels that look great on the website but then in real life they are a total letdown. We started talking about the worst hotels we had been to, thankfully the good ones outweigh the bad ones!

Recently if we have time to spend at any of the hotels we visit, I started sketching. I have managed to do three little sketches of nice hotels we have been to here in Bali. I figured why not make them into a post with a link to each hotel. Here they are in order of when I did them.

I think I will try and keep going with these as we visit more hotels.

1. The Bukit Asri Lodge. A lovely house hotel in the Karangasem countryside. They had the most beautiful lawns, I even commented it to the owner and he said it was an everyday affair to keep it looking it so well. No wonder I have a hard time with my lawn! The place really reminded me of Chaclacayo a countryside area outside of Lima, where I would sometimes spend the weekends with my stepmom´s family.

2. The Surya Shanti Villa. A really nice hotel in the green hills in Sidemen at the foot of the Agung Volcano. We could see the volcano from our room which was quite cool. I will never forget the huge gecko that took an equally huge dump on the sofa. There are some nice treks to do around the hotel too!

3. Baliku Dive Resort is on the East Coast of the Island, on the coasts of Amed. We aren´t really divers but since we are also not so beachy this hotel was quite nice. The view from the room was great and the hills had a completely different color and shapes to the south and the center of the island. The kids really enjoyed all the seahorses everywhre, the logo, the keys to the room, etc.