How to cook vegetables so the kiddos will eat them.

NabloPoMo Day 25

My usual cooking style for vegetables is either steaming them and then drizzling with olive oil and sea salt or stir-fried with garlic and olive oil. Big Kiddo will eat the steamed ones sometimes and the stir-fried ones hardly ever. But recently we discovered a way of doing the veggies so that he will eat them.

He usually eats things “separately” never mixed and in the past few days he has actually eaten some mixed dishes, today he had three different vegetables with rice. I was so surprised that Big Kiddo has been asking about how I cooked them. So here´s our new family recipe for veggies that the kids will eat.
In our family, broccoli is called “arbolitos” and cauliflower is called “nube de ceniza“,


– Nice organic vegetables, especially broccoli, cauliflower, string beans, mushrooms…I find that the most important part is to let Kiddos pick the vegetables, we order them online together.
– Virgin Olive Oil
– Lots of chopped up garlic
– Garlic Salt or Garlic Bread seasoning powder (non msg)
– Sea Salt
– Hot Water
– Palm Sugar

How to cook it:

– Clean and cut the veggies but not too small so they don´t get limp.
– Heat Olive Oil in a nonstick frying pan or wok and add the garlic, don´t let it brown.
– Add the veggies in the pan and add about two tablespoons of hot water.
– Add about a teaspoon of the Garlic Bread seasoning, sprinkle sea salt and stir.
– Cook at medium heat, stirring constantly. When the water has almost evaporated, sprinkle a tablespoon of palm sugar and stir to caramelize lightly.
– Get the veggies out of the pan while they are still have some crunch, if you don´t plan to eat them or serve to your kids straight away, serve them in a bowl so they don´t keep cooking in the leftover heat of the pan.
– Serve with steamed rice and finish up with toasted sesame seeds.
I´m sorry I don´t have photos of the process, I really wasn´t planning on doing a post about it. I´m not even very good at food photos. But I can assure you that the recipe gives good results. It is very similar to Asian stir-fry just without the oyster sauce.