How to make Art with Kids, embrace the Chaos.

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When I packed our things in Phuket I made the mistake of leaving our art supplies in “the box”. When we got to Bali I realized we pretty much just had some colored pencils and markers. The house has three bedroom so the extra room we set up as the “Play Room”, where we put the minimal amount of toys the kids have. Usually the toys are spread all over the floor, of course. I quickly found that the mini-markets around here sell glue and poster paper. G showed up with a watercolor set one day so I set up my favorite painting station;
big poster paper taped up on the wall, one next to the other like a big mural.

Painting, the best way for the kids to have fun and let out some steam. Big Kiddo loves painting in his favorite style “tornado”, which is basically spraying paint all over the place, hopefully mostly on the paper. And then the little cup of water gets spilled, every single time. But hey, they have fun. And I try not to get crazy over it.

This spill took me an entire day to clean it was so bad. At least it made a really good photo don´t you think? My friend Jelly to a Tree liked the drowning beaded lizard!
We had a sheet of poster paper left over under the table and a big bottle of glue one day that the floor of the Play Room was completely covered in playcards, chinese mini playing cards, princess puzzle pieces, origami papers, postit arrows, paper clips, mini doll parts and ribbon. By then I had changed the name of the Play Room to the Chaos Room. Big Kiddo started with the glue tornado and then we all just glued bits of the room onto the paper. Three days later we had our awesome Chaos Collage!

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