How to make magic paint

How To Make Magic Paint. A Crafty Experiment for Kids


If you ask my kids what they would like to do, they usually say

“Ir al playground”
or recently
“Quiero hacer mis tareas” (meaning they want to do homework).
Seems to me like they miss our little homeschool activities of painting and drawing and glueing things and writing letters and making funny collages.  And then last week Big Kiddo asked if we could make “Pintura Magica”. He explained about an experiment he had done at school that day; a plate of milk, paint and q-tips with green soap. I remembered having seen a video about this so I thought, hey this is easy, sure lets do it! Wrong….
It took me three tries to get it to work, for the third time I caved and researched the specifics. If you want to do “Pintura Magica” (Magic Paint) with your kids, here are the details.


How To Make Magic Paint

Things you need….

– A flat plate, dish or tray, any size.
– Full Cream Milk (It HAS to be Full Cream)
– Liquid Food Coloring
– Dish Soap
– Q tips
– Cleaning up supplies!
1. What you first need to do is pour the milk on the tray, but not more than a centimeter deep. My first mistake (apart from the fact that I bought chocolate milk by mistake and then used skim milk) is to pour too much milk on the tray. The first tray I used was an uneven tray and in some places it had two centimeters of milk. So, 1 cm of milk.
2. Wait until it stops moving.
3. Pour about 4 to 6 drops of different colors of food coloring in different places on the milk. Its better if they don´t touch each other. We used red, yellow, purple and blue. The first (failed) attempt we used cheap watercolors, what a waste of milk! Nothing happened…Although it might have been the depth of the milk. I´m not sure, it was a freaking mess!
4. in a little container, pour some soap and dip a q tip for each kid. Slowly but surely put the q-tip in the middle of any of the colors and be amazed!
5. The kids will in seconds try and mix it all and make a chocolate colored mess but its better if they can wait a little and not move it so much. That way the effect will last longer.

So if you feel like doing this experiment with your kids, don´t fret there are thousands of resources on the internet ( I should have looked there first ). There are videos, blog posts, how-to articles, etc etc.

Just give it a try, your kids will love it. Have a lot of paper towels handy!