location independent living

Living and traveling as digital nomads takes a little getting used to. Families don’t just get on the road and its rainbows and unicorns, everyone has different things to get used to. In our family, for example, we all have different styles of discovery.

I am very laid back and a bit lazy while Gonzalo is always on the go and wants to see it all, by walking. The kids are sometimes are like him and other days like me. They change from day-to-day.

Here are some tips on living the location independent lifestyle and staying sane in the process.

making money while worldschooling

As location independent families, you need to make money. We give you tips, resources, and stories on how to work while worldschooling. Digital nomads, remote workers, freelancers, anything goes!

personal reflections

Sometimes I write about what it’s like to be a digital nomad after being an expat after being an immigrant. Am I any of those things? Am I all of them?

Staying Sane as a family

With so many personalities, sometimes it’s hard to stay sane as a family. I have learned to find my own happy moments in the same way that Gonzalo has his. The kids are learning to find their own space as we go.