This is How we Worldschool

The kids have done all kinds of schooling since we started our adventure. Homeschooling preschool in Phuket, Thailand. Montessori preschool in Bali, Indonesia. Cambridge School in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Homeschooling in Sri Lanka. Travelschooling in Bangkok, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Right now we are going nomadic so we don’t carry textbooks. We do schooling on devices and they learn tons from just traveling. Browse the sections below to read all our Worldschooling stories and find resources for your own Worldschooling adventure.

worldschooling with art

About a third of one of our suitcases is full of art supplies. We do art as much as possible, or as time permits. We also do art on the tablets if there is no paint or markers around.

worldschooling through experiences

Every place we stay in is thoroughly visited and walked around in. We go to the art museums and history museums. Sometimes we go to the fun 3D museums too.

What about academics?

Apart from the actual traveling and doing art, we also do academic studies. We used to have tons of books and workbooks but now we do most of the academics online.

Eating the world

A huge part of learning with experience is to eat the food. It’s so big, it needs its own section. Letting loose and trying new food is one of the easiest ways to learn new things. It encompasses all the senses and can even inspire a day-long expedition to find the BEST restaurant for a certain type of food. 

We watch lots of food travel videos and sometimes even get to meet the YouTubes and share some food with them. We are so big on food that Gonzalo used to have a Gourmet Travel Company before we took off seven years ago.