“I find Strength in…” Writing. A Tuesday @ Ten prompt



NaBloPoMo Day 17


At Tuesday @ Ten, Karen Beth offers simple but powerful prompts, forcing us to look inside our souls. Last week I took a break, I did not want to delve into my subconscious those days. Read my previous entries here!


Right here and now I promise to tackle all the upcoming prompts, they are like personal therapy and not doing them uncovers my cowardice. This week´s prompt is “I find my strength in…” Scroll down to keep reading after you pin this quote by Rainer Maria Rilke.





“I find Strength in…”





17 days ago I started a month of daily blog posts by joining BlogHer´s June NaBloPoMo. I haven´t written this much since the jean-book journal years. Most of the posts written during these weeks have been pretty personal, others completely new in terms of theme. When you write every single day, new and unexpected things start to happen.



After reading my latest posts, my good friend Ivo asked if I knew the difference between short stories and blogs. “One is fiction, and the other isn´t?”.
She said that my posts were short stories. I was surprised that my style had this impression on her, especially since we are close friends and she knows I don´t write fiction.


My last post “Choosing the right Quote to share online” was lovingly edited by my friend Julie. It was the greatest experience I´ve ever had as a writer. She asked THE blogging question; Do I write for ME, or do I write to be READ?


We talked about the importance of maintaining my own style and making sure it was enjoyable to read from beginning to end. I usually write in a wordy and conversational manner, repeating myself and going round in circles. Now I´m trying to write consciously, applying the knowledge I have learned, and editing until it´s perfect.


Those two conversations have helped me find the strength I did not know I had. Writing helps get things straight in my head, it is a means of release and awareness. Conscious editing is my new super power.


My friends´ words and the NaBloPoMo challenge have given me the strength to consider myself a real writer.