I miss the 7-11 ham and cheese toasties


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The other day day I realized that we have not eaten hot dogs in the three months we have been in Bali, and then I started thinking why that was.

It´s because there is no 7-11 close by to get said hotdogs! And then I realized that I miss the 7-11 cheese and ham toasties. Those were good! Then I remembered that before we left Phuket I made a series of photos of all the things the kids and I walked by EVERY SINGLE DAY to go do the shopping.


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We went to the neighborhood coffee stall, market, and 7-11 every morning. It was a routine and we pretty much got the same things all the time. Four bottles of Mont Fleur water, pink milk, Essence of Chicken and ham and cheese toasties.

The ladies that worked there saw the kids grow in two years and were almost my friends.

No, there are no 7-11´s in Bali, there all other kinds of minimarts instead. But no, they don´t have Slurpees. I remember when we first arrived in Bangkok I was surprised at all the 7-11´s everywhere. I counted A 7-11 store on almost every block; quite impressive. For the first week I had Slurpees twice a day.

Yes, I miss the Thai 7-11´s. But the minimarts in Bali are ok too. Are you a 7-11 fan? What do you like the best there? Here, have some funky coupons so you can get that favorite stuff on discount! Yippee!

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